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Anyone know


Ok so idk how old when i watched this movie, but ik its about teens and older the movie I believe it was on Netflix in like 2016,so the movie is between like 2000’s and 2016.but the movie it was someone who died (fenale teen) and I guess it was a female friend or sister who found her diary and the rest ik is the one that’s alive was talkin to some by a river and the other thing I remember was the dude had an under ground basement that barely anyone knew about he would drug the girls rape them and put it on the internet, but before he could rape another girl he was stopped by some people of the dead girls friends.then there was someone fight out side with another dude that was helping the rapist and they got arrested and the friends and i think the sister but a bench by her little water thing.

Jackie Asked question Jun 24, 2022