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Anyone have an idea what this film is called?

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So I saw a preview of this film where in this preview show a girl and guy are flirting at school and the day is over. Then as a driver and passenger pull up to a gate and say they are picking up this girl. The school security guard says you arent the normal guys and the guys in the car kill him. Then is shows the boy being picked up by his big brother/uncle/dad(not sure). He asks some questions and goes looking for the girl out of a hunch and the lights in the school go out and they try to abduct/kill them. That is somewhat of the preview! Anyone have an idea please respond! Could be an old film like 2-3 years or could be one not out yet! Let me know please! and thank you!

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 4, 2021

Was it set at school for sure? I remember a similar plot but it was the boy’s family visiting the girl’s (rich) family at their nice house and the boy’s dad was special forces/marines/ex-soldier something and the boy begged him to pretend he was a normal guy who wouldn’t know the first thing about guns. There was a scene where the girl’s father shows off his gun collection and the boy’s father had to pretend he didn’t know anything about it.

CassieBlack Answered question Nov 14, 2020

Is it called “Kristy”

Rizzle135 Posted new comment Nov 13, 2020

Not quite it, she is saved by a brother/dad/uncle of the boy who is an ex special forces or something