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Hi. Im looking for an Anime/Cartoon Movie which the villain was a witch and has an special power that could pressure and harm people heart with trying to fist her hand. I asume that can be one of those 70s , 80s or 90s anime/Cartoon movies. Thanks for your help.

ZeroWasteAlice Answered question Oct 20, 2020

IMDb Advanced Search might help you ( and put the criteria that could help you find your animated movie or TV cartoon (which ever it may be).

Here’s one I tried:,tv_movie,tv_series,tv_episode,tv_special,tv_miniseries,short,video,tv_short&release_date=1965-01-01,2000-12-31&genres=animation,drama&plot=witch. You could broaden the search with earlier years, like 1960, etc

You could also try

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