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(Animation)Warrior of an order fights demons with a lynx,a young scientist,an orphan boy,a baby lion

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An order of warriors (with samurai outfits and swords) are taken down by creatures invading from some kind of portal. The lead character somehow survives the fight. Later in the movie, he is shown to be living in the present day. After it is known that the portal will open again, he receives the help of a walking, talking, humanoid lynx, a young engineer/inventor, a creature reembling a baby lion (a ritual is performed to bring it alive from the form of a statue) and a young boy whose parents were killed in a car crash caused by deer(but he survived). In the end, the leading evil creatures (a demonic figure) is defeated after the team of the warrior feeds (I think five) golden metal object to the lion, and it grows to a big adult lion-looking form, which defeats the demon. Following that, events such as the anthropomorphic lynx returning to a normal lynx take place (I think that happens because the demon being defeated results in some events to ultimately not have taken place at all). The film was released in DVD too. It was also dubbed in Greek and sold there too.

VHS_Lives Answered question Feb 15, 2021