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Animated movie where some kids become part of a bee community.

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An animated movie that begins with a pair of kids (a boy and a girl) inside of a giant house before getting kicked out or something (I think that there might’ve been some crazy machines inside of the house). They wander through a forest on a rainy night, until they are accepted into a beehive. I can’t remember if the bees were giant, or if the children were shrunk. They help defend the beehive against some other insects or something. The animation style reminds me of old Japanese cartoons, it might be possible that the children don’t speak at all, and it might be possible that it was part of a series because it was really short or maybe it was just a short movie. It was definitely before 2015(?). The beehive location is the most vivid thing I remember, it was basically a beehive on a forest glade with really flat terrain. Okay, that’s all. Actually, there might’ve been some music in the beginning involving the machines but I don’t really remember.

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HOLY COW! You found it despite my terrible description! Nice!