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Animated movie featuring teenagers with psychic power (before 2012)


Hi and thank you in avance for your help. I remember a lot of the film but not the name. I’m pretty sure the title is only one (or two) words but don’t count on it being true ^^

Here is what I can remember:

I can’t remember if the movie is animated or a 3D animated. I’m pretty sure the violent scenes change to 2D and with only 3 or 4 colours, so the rest of the movie is probably 3D? I must have watched it between 2009 and 2012, and it looked pretty new. It’s at least an hour long, probably around 90 minutes. I do remember being suprised by the low PG rating despite the film being very violent.

[On what looks like a modern planet Earth]
In the first or second chapter of the movie, we see a young adult with a very high IQ discussing with the half-sentient computer he built by himself. “He” apparently must have set up an online quizz or a series of firewalls because people from around the world keep challenging it. Apparently, the last defenses can only be passed if the challenger has psychic powers (like “him”).
An attacker pierces through the defenses and manages to take control of the sentient computer seconds before “he” shuts down the power. After rebooting it in “safe mode” and checking that said computer was not corrupted, he finds the attacker only left a message (I can’t remember if audio or text, nor the content). Somehow he learns that the attacker is a group of children/teenagers (can’t remember which, so let’s say a group of children). I can’t remember if they knew each other at that point, or if they became “friends” afterwards.

(From here on my memory gets way more blurry, so expect more incorrect/misremembered facts)

The film continues and they eventually meet (I don’t know if “he” manages to find them or they find him…)
The children also have sky-high IQ and some kind of psychic power (like him). Telepathy, telekinesis, probably more. They all have these powers, but are more or less proficient with each of them I guess.
We learn more about the past of the children, their childhood was hard because of their powers (I guess fear and rejection from people they interacted with?).
“He” wants them to be happy and coaches them (I think?). Having an easy life considering they are all very smart. To earn some money, a few of them end up registering in a TV quizz like a Jeopardy over serveral days (I think?)

(Way more blurry memory from now on, don’t take what I say for truth. SPOILERS from here on)

The cohesion within the group of children is not very tight, and they end up dispersing at night
One of the girls (or the only girl?) is attacked by a stranger, and they all know about it right away because of their telepathy.
They try to find her but couldn’t prevent her from being raped (they all experience the scene through the link so it’s a bit traumatic).
One of her friends arrives on the scene and kills the stranger with his power (I think)

(Only individual pictures come to my mind from now:)

– Some of the friends end up trying to steal something in a museum? So we have a fight scene there
– We learn more about the past of the guy. “He” apparenlty used his telekinesis to kill his (evil) father/father-in-law (who beat up “his” mother when drunk) by strangling him with his own belt. he doesn’t want the children to use violence.
– “He” has a fight with the child who killed the rapist over something I can’t remember (probably not something material, unless that’s what they stole?)

That’s it.
Quite a lot of material, I hope you’ll be able to help me with that! 😀


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The prodigies by Antoine Charreyron

Camusensei Posted new comment Sep 13, 2021

Wow, I didn’t expect an answer from this website, a year later and probably the right one!
I can tell from the trailer that the characters are the right ones, but I can’t remember any of the scenes depicted in it. I’ll buy it and let you know if the guess is right, but in any case, THANK YOU 😉

I have to say, this is 100% the right movie but I did not expect the graphic quality to be this low… Anyway I’ll rewatch it, thank you very much!!!