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Animated movie, dude cant stay too long inside some alternate world, singing band that follows him


Hey guys i really need you to help me out on this one,
It is an animated movie I saw as a kid. I was born in ’99 so that mybe gives you some clues.
Although some parts of it stuck with me i have not been able to recall the movie title.
I think the main character is a mechanic or some sort of worker who works with tools. He finds out whenever he loses tools its a little creature that is always looking after him that steals them from him.
There is somekind of dream land/alternate world where the main character must go to do something i dont remember. The creature i talked about is form this world. The main guy can’t stay in that world for too long otherwise he will be stuck there forever. There is a moving orchestra/band that appears sometimes while he is inside that world. This band always sing the same song which is something like “Time, you haven’t got much time left, hurry or you’ll be stuck here”.
I also remmber the colours of that movie, which were some shades of grey, blue and pink.

pedr0sorio Asked question Oct 11, 2020