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Animated movie about two princes


I’m looking for an animated movie that was made before 2010. It was 2D animation, and had an Indian or Arabian feel to it. The plot was about two princes (I think they were brothers), but one was brown and one was white. They both wanted to marry / find a good sorceress/fairy and had to do that by collecting a few things, namely an animal and two objects. The brown prince had found a giant bird as an animal, the white prince had a tiger (I think) and a feather as an object. At the end of the movie they both arrive at the sorceress/fairy and when she decides who to marry she talks with both of them. She likes the brown prince best but has a sister who then shows up and marries the other prince, so it has a happy ending. It was a very distinct artstyle with no black outlines if I remember correctly. It felt like it was one of those shadow-playes like “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” ( ) but if it wasn’t played with these black paper cutout but instead with figurines in complete colour with details as a recent 2D animated movie. For context, I saw this on a Belgian tv-channel in the early 2000.

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