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Animated movie about the odyssey (I think?) (“strange sand-dune-movement” is a strong hint)

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I remember watching a movie multiple times in my childhood. I THINK it was about the odyssey in some sense, but I’m not quite sure.
They were traveling by ship to multiple places. Once they were in a kind of desert in which the sand kept rising and falling and at one point when falling, it reveals ruins and skelletons, I think.
There might’ve also been a moment at which they were on a lush place that turned out to be a living creature.
Meanwhile there were people back home at a castle, having some other issues… unless those were two different movies.

I feel like, at least the scene with the sand dunes moving that strangely should be a unique thing to the movie, so hopefully one of you guys remember the name!
Thanks in advance!

Nareth Asked question Sep 4, 2020