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Animated movie about flying people in suits of armor fighting

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To give a bit clarification, the suits of armor were similar to like knight armor but they almost looked like something similar to Hayabusa armor from Halo 3. The main locations in the movie being an ethereal looking shrine and a stereotypical looking city. The art style was similar to modern Japanese anime but all the fight scene were done in CG and I don’t remember what language it was in. The fight scenes consisted of people flying around a cityscape and fighting in the previously mentioned suits of armor. I believe it came out sometime around 2006-2009. I believe the title was some permutation of the word Kar or Kars but I can’t remember specifics and google has turned up nothing. I think it was in a series of two movies, with second having a suffix of like “rebirth”. Thanks so much in advanced.

orayu Posted new comment Feb 14, 2021

is was in an asian language? was the whole movie 3d cgi?

I believe the whole movie was CGI, and it was some sort of Asian language

No I remember it having more a traditional “anime” type aesthetic, like death note or something similar.