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Animated film about an old man and his dog who one day begins to act like a human


Sorry if this is too little to go on, but this movie is a faint childhood memory, the kind which blurs the line between what may have been a dream and real memory. I cannot remember the plot of the movie itself, but I distinctly remember its overall character and a few odd scenes inscribed into my memory. The movie features an animated old man and a dog, with simplistic character designs in a colour scheme comprising of various unsaturated hues of beiges and browns. It bears an almost frustrating resemblance to My Dog Tulip, albeit without the messy animation style, and the dog is not a German Shepard but rather an unidentified breed of slender, elegant dog. As for the scenes, about all that I can recall is that the man awakes one day to find the dog doing various human activities. One of these is using a toilet, I believe the kind with a wall mounted reservoir and a pull chain, but this I may have misremembered so if anything it is not a detail to get hung up on. However, I do distinctly remember a scene of the dog reading a newspaper, and another in which a flock of pigeons fly away. In either case, the dog is standing up like a man, carrying himself in a human manner. It is also worth noting that this takes place in a European city setting, or at least that’s what the appearance leads me to believe. Although I do not expect this little information to get me very far in terms of finding the film, it’s been a recurring thought for as long as I can remember, with my inability to find the films name disappointing me each time I recall it.

Need2findnameplz Asked question Oct 8, 2020