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Animated: a man who could fly, because no one ever told him he could not


– Animated
– English
– The animation style suggested it was Eastern European in origin.
– It starred a man. Possibly multiple men, as it felt like a series of short films.
– Absurdism was a notable theme, but also with a sense of folk tales
– I recall only three scenes in enough detail to describe them

1. The man flew from his house to a coastline by flapping his arms. A narrator explained he was able to do this because no one had ever told him he couldn’t.
2. At another point, the man appeared to be “strengthening” a bowl of soup until it became strong enough, then it went toward the sky, and he climbed it like jack’s beanstalk.
3. Somewhat generic, but it had the man dancing on clouds with the woman, at the end of the film.

Any possible leads to what this film might be would be highly appreciated.

NoiramSang Posted new comment Dec 28, 2021

there is no way the soup part is based on stone soup folk tale, right?

I would say highly unlikely.

Either the man was small enough to fit into the bowl (possibly a cauldron?), or the bowl was large enough for the man to fit into. I am uncertain which.