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An old movie that used to be shown in schools, but not anymore

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It starts out black & white. Everyday the people of this town have to take this drug to keep them from “seeing” the truth. A boy decides to stop taking drug and starts to see colors here and there,but has to hide it from the people in charge. They also choose the jobs for the kids when they turn into adults. The people in charge finally find out about the boy and Chase him and he ultimately chooses to ride his bike off a cliff and starts wandering around past the no-go zone?????? Please for the love of God, someone tell me the name of this movie. My boyfriend and I have wracked our brains thinking about the name. Thank you

casspir Answered question May 11, 2020

“The Giver” (2014)
Detailed plot description on Wikipedia:

Quotes from the above Wikipedia page:
“The Receiver of Memory and his/her protégé are the only persons able to see in color, an ability otherwise eliminated from the community to prevent envy.”
“Jonas stops taking his daily injections and begins to experience emotion.”
“Doing this would release memories and color back into the community.”

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