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An old movie I don’t know the name of, two friends, a unique gun, and a powerful revenge

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I hope to find this movie

Old movie
The story is that there are two middle-aged friends and one of them gives each other a special and unique gun that shoots bombs and snipers, many features and multiple viewing screens, and there is no other like it
A friend keeps it at home for a long time

But his friend has a young brother who is reckless and with a group like him hunting deer
And with the events of the movie, they harass the friend who owns the gun
And they do something very big with him

So he goes and takes out the gun and starts taking revenge on them
Take revenge and kill them
Then the confrontation begins between the two adult friends
The movie ends with the gun being dumped into the river
After they got each other

The events of the film take place in forests, snows, and wooden huts, such as Alaska

Sorry, written by the translator

Thi13ghost Asked question Jan 15, 2022