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An old movie about building a computer that can predict the end of the wolrd.


I think it’s an old movie. I barely remember it. When the wolrd ends every one is doing their last wish. A restaurant. And an old computer made some kind of rock that predict the end of world(past). It’s a big monitor (not the one we used today). Someone please help me to find this movie.

John Posted new comment Sep 6, 2020

Maybe “Colossus: The Forbin Project” (1970)?:

How old is it? When was it made approximately? Another suggestion: “Paycheck” (2003)?:

I think this movie is made after 2000. It’s about present and past. In present day everone realised that the world is gonna end. But in the past we build a computer that actually say when the world is gonna end. The computer is only thing i remember well. It have a big monitor made of rock. Background color is also matching with the monitor. That’s all i have.