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An Indie Horror Film that was on a streaming service some months ago.


Hello everyone!

I am looking for the title of an indie horror film I watch a few months ago. It revolves around a guy who pretends to have brain cancer (let’s call him Bob, despite the fact it’s not his name in the film). Bob pays another guy (tim, again not his actual name) to record videos for Bob’s future son so that he will have something to remember his father by. After a few hours, Bob convinces Tim to stay for a bit and have a few drinks. Tim decides he wants to leave, but Bob demands they both have one last drink before they go. Tim secretly spikes Bob’s drink and hides after Bob falls asleep. Tim then look for his keys and hides in the bathroom for some reason I can’t remember. Tim then get’s a call on Bob’s phone from a woman who has the same name as a woman Bob said was his wife. The woman on the other end of the line tells Tim to book it that’s her brother, not husband, and he does not have brain cancer and is actually just a psychopath. Tim breaks for it and winds up back home before too long. Now Tim receives constant “gifts” from Bob, including a mask that Bob said he had raped his wife with before, and a wolf doll with a knife. My memory is a little hazy after this, but the film ends with Bob meeting Tim at a set location to that they could talk. Bob kills Tim and claims his name, reveals he had recorded the entire endeavor, and puts the tape away with his hundreds of others.

The film also had a sequel revolving around another woman who interviews Tim*, where Tim admits he is a serial killer. He promises he will not kill her if she agrees to document his life.
*Not actually Tim, Bob stole his name

If somebody could help me find the title of this film, that would be awesome. I am almost certain it was on Netflix before, but I haven’t been able to find it there.
Thanks for your time,

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Thank you so much, this was driving me crazy earlier!