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An asian horror-comedy teenagery movie(kung fu)


It was an asian movie where some teenagers were in forests and they were learning and training a martial art I don’t know if it was kong fu or…

And they had a tyrant master who when they made a mistake, forced them to bite sugar canes to extract a yellow liquid kinda thing from sugarcanes and on of the teenagers instead of doing that, peed in the bottle and I think their master forced him to drink that

It was both comedy and horror
Where was the scary part?

They found a temple but inside it it was a grave where a dracula was living it they got pretty horrified when they see it and the dracula was kinda fat and when he was running after the teenagers to catch them he had a funny jogging style which he was holding his hands up and pointing straight to forward like his trying to catch something

VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 27, 2021

it will probably be a jiangshi movie ala the hopping vampires, of which “Mr Vampire” could be it, but here’s a list with a ton of them