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an alien related movie..

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So to be honest, it was probably a b movie, but one of the actors also really looked like morgan freeman, so im not sure as ive browsed through that particular imdb list. Maybe im wrong as i watched it a long time ago. Basically 3 teenagers, 2 dudes and a chick travel to a different state to look for an alien. They’re like alien geeks, they stop their car on a grassy field at night, trek through the woods, and bam. They’re all knocked out somehow, waking up in a sort of hospital room with robot limbs. One dude has robot legs, another has robot arms. They didnt do anything to the chick, so far. Eventually it turns out that they have some sort of alien disease that makes people very sick as evidenced by a certain truck driver. Eventually you find out theyre actually on a spaceship in earth’s orbit, with several miles of land built into it, which is nuts. The guy who i thought was morgan freeman has a robot brain, and the chick was kidnapped by their hazmat suit people for some reason, presumably to also get robot parts. And thus it ends with a huge WTF?
So to be honest i have two questions, what is the name of that movie, and why the hell did they need robot limbs? Actually thats why i want to know the name of the movie, so i can maybe see if someone deciphered the WTF of the plot.

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Thedudeist Selected answer as best Aug 11, 2018

Sounds like “The Signal
Here’s the ending.
I believe they were given alien limbs as the main character’s legs were very damaged and the robots fixed them as means of experiment. His friend was given the alien arm I am assuming because he was a hacker and the aliens wanted to experiment “upgrading” him?

Thedudeist Posted new comment Aug 11, 2018

Yes! thank you! so it was just alien experimentation? huh…


this is the signal

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