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America romantic comedy in which the hero changed to different characters for the girl he likes

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A movie that I watched probably 15 years ago.

Possible public year: 1993 – 2008

Plot: The hero’s girlfriend (or the girl he dates) wasn’t satisfied with his job / personality, and he accidentally got help from a devil(?) and had a remote control to communicate with devil by pressing “666” (or 999? There was a scene that he mistook the other number).

The only job of his that I remember is a basketball player who really looks like Dirk Nowitzki. He smashed the backboard when he dunked and spit glass slag on the camera.

Does anyone know this film? Please help! Thank you lovely movie friends!

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I think this is the movie with the basketball scene

nnnnn73 Posted new comment Sep 21, 2020

Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for. Just never thought the original plot is actually this… LOL.