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alien movie with no aliens, but not really

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i remember i watched this movie a long time ago, i dont even remember the channel. this is what i remember:

it was a town near the ocean. a blonde (?) girl became friends w the new girl, who has black/dark hair and always wears sunglasses, and reads upside down for wtv reason. everyone thinks the new girl is an alien bc she’s weird and is always alone and her brother rides a motorcycle and never takes off his halmet. turns out everyone was right, cuz the brother was fixing their ufo? their… flying thing, to go back home. in the end, the two girls are standing in front of each other, the brother already inside the thing, and the blonde girl says something along the lines of “you don’t look like an alien” and the green-eyed girl says “want me to show you?” taking off her sunglasses but the girl says she wants to remember her that way and they say goodbye and i think that was it… no aliens on sight, i think i remember their ufo flying, waiting, but no aliens. just the girl and the brother looking like humans.

when i say girls, i mean they were literally kids. around 13-15? ive tried hard to remember the green-eyed actress’ face but i can’t, i was like 11 myself so i can’t really tell. it was pretty old and had a VERY low budget, as least the way i remember.

Please I’ve literally tried to find this movie for over ten years now. I hope one of you watched it too, bc, otherwise, it means I made it up LMAO thanks!!

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