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Alien Girl and family disguised a humans while fixing the ship

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Teenager girl and family disguised as humans living in (what I remember is) a beach.
The neighbors find them weird but finally start talking to them.

A local girl who loves space and planet things becomes friend with the alien girl.

One time she tried to spy into the alien girl house because the man there (father or older brother, don’t remember) was kind of suspicious with a protection mask for welding.

The local girl had a male friend, which then falls in love with her and tries to kiss her in a garden where tomatoes are growing (I don’t remember which family was growing big red tomatoes)

At the end, alien girl confesses to her friend she’s not human and is waiting for the ship to come get her at a park at the end.
I’m not 100% sure, but the alien family was there to fix the ship.

I used to watch this movie a lot like 14 years ago

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Oct 2, 2020