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Alien abduction movie

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I need help finding an alien abduction movie.
The only things I can remember about it is that a married couple are repeatedly abducted by aliens.
And in the very final scene they wise up and move to a big city, maybe NYC, to avoid being abducted again as they previously lived in a rural area.
The movie was definitely made in the late 80s to early 90s.
And no, it’s not Communion.
Thanks in advance.

DavidToledo Posted new comment Nov 17, 2020

In that final scene the couple is shown to be living in a high rise apartment in a city.
Also, it’s implied that aliens are trying to abduct them again. You don’t see a UFO, but are given the POV of a UFO heading towards the couple. But at the last second it veers off, due to them living in the city.
Hope that helps.