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Agoraphobic musician has to conquer phobia to help a woman… what is this movie?


This has been driving me crazy for years. Thriller/drama, made and set in (I’m guessing) 1960s/70s. An agoraphobic musician (probably classical pianist) has to overcome his phobia to try to help a woman who is involved in some sort of crime/espionage situation.

sscrow2 Posted new comment May 25, 2022

are we sure it is agoraphobia? was it in color? could it be a tv episode?

Thank you for commenting! Re: your questions:
1. Fairly sure, but not 100%, e.g. character could have just been very reclusive.
2. Pretty sure it was in colour.
3. Yes, could have been a TV episode, but again have never found anything from searches.