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Action/Thriller – 2000’s/2010’s – Spy has to edit blueprints for a nuclear reactor/bomb

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Hi everyone, I’d like to first apologise for the lack of detail. I watched this only once and I think it was within the last 10-15ish years. I can’t remember a whole lot about this movie except for this scene and what it ends up causing, but I do think that it’s quite a big plot point and is important to the mission of the Spy/Agent characters. I remember it being quite a serious and tense scene which leads be to believing that it might be more of a political/thriller than an action/thriller, but I could be wrong.

There are two people in this scene bu I am unsure if they are both in the room or if one is communicating by radio (but I think that they’re both in the room). One person is reading out the changes that they’re making to the blueprints and the other is inputting them into the computer (they might be wearing gloves or a hazmat suit of some kind). They’re very, very subtle changes: like the thickness of the metal used, the size of the nuts/bolts/screws, etc. Very small and subtle that won’t be noticed but will cause the bomb/reactor/plant to malfunction and explode, like 0.5 mm changes and others like that. They have quite a long list of changes that they have to get through and I think that it’s expected to take a while.

They’re doing this so that the Agency/Organisation/Goverment Branch that they’re working for can find out who is buying the plans for the nuclear reactor/plant/bomb. They’re not trying to actually stop the blueprints from being sold but I can’t remember the exact reason why. Later in the film, there is a nuclear explosion in an African/Middle Easern nation and it’s directly because of the changed blueprints.

Thank you in advance to anyone who recognises this 🙂

kiiwii Asked question Apr 27, 2022