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Action film with morgue scene from the 90’s

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A film about some kind of fighting, a man enters to morgue, he has a paper with numbers.
He is searching a bodies in the morgue cells according to the numbers on his list.
when he opens a refrigerator and uncover each body, he touch it chest and starts to remember some fights and violent scenes.
the movie released in the start or the mid 90’s, i think it was mid 90’s.


Beatman Edited comment Feb 6, 2022

Can you remember anything else? Did it take place in Vegas?

Was he recalling how he killed each one? or doing like ESP and seeing how each of them died?

VHS_Lives: i don’t remember where it takes place.

BlackHat: yes, everytime he touched dead body he was kind of recalling or as you named it done ESP and saw fightings, very likely the way this people died.