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Action/Drama/Thriller Terrorist plot, woman killed in explosion


I was very young when I watched this movie, and owned it on a VHS. The cover of the VHS is red with a bearded white man and a white woman. The woman was either the man’s daughter or romantically involved with the man. I am almost certain the movie was rated R. Most if not all the scenes were in English, likely set in the United States. Given the vague details I remember, this movie has come out no earlier than 1980 but likely before 2005. It is a movie about a terrorist plot, though I don’t remember what the goal was.
The scene I remember most vividly from the movie is a woman (I believe from the cover) being killed by terrorists in an explosion after entering a vehicle. The man from the cover sees this happen. In the end, I believe the terrorists’ plot is foiled

AndrzejOchal Asked question Jun 23, 2020