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About a couple stuck in a motel. Please help.

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Here goes, There’s a couple probably going on some vacation but dut to some reasons fails to reach the destination gets stranded in a bizzare town. The couple stays in a motel where there’s a television in which some preist is there. There’s also a strange man with mask on or maybe he just looks bad or something. The guy goes back to the motel owner has a drink also then goes back to the girlfriend or spouse. They have sex in the motel and the lighting is pink or red. Next day they try to get out of the town but cannot something stops them. I think the girls starts getting more sick the farther the get from the town they have no choice but to go back to the motel. Now I remember, the chruch guy rec himself for tv and is strange kind of and the mask man maybe kills people and bury them in the desert something like this. I don’t remember the exact story but it was something like this only. Please help guys spent more than 3 hours on the internet searching got nothing.

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@farcry Yes. I watched this movie.

Yes that’s the same movie but what’s the name?
@pori can you help


Thank you very much @porI. Saved me wasting another night.

You’re welcome!