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a woman investigator kidnaped by a (crazy) killer

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I don’t remember a lot about this movie, but I think that it was a 2000-2018 american movie. It was a thriller/crime.
I remember that the plot was about a woman(with dark hair) that worked for the police and was some kind of an investigator(or was just somehow connected to the case). I think that she was working on a case about a some type of a crazy killer. The killer knew about that woman and at some point he kidnaped her and chained her to a chair in his basement/office. I remember that at the end she maybe escaped and was standing outside of the building(I think that she was alone) that this man kept her in.
I know that my description is not very helpful, but that’s all I remember. I would appreciate any suggestions about the name of this movie.

Erika Asked question Aug 11, 2022