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A Weekend Trip with a Tragic End

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I saw this Italian film on the WNBC-TV (NYC) International Film Festival which was broadcast in the early morning hours when I was a teenager some 50 odd years ago.

A young man is preparing to venture off to school when he meets an older man driving a convertible two seat sports car. Before the trips begins, the older man has to stop to see his separated wife and his teenage daughter. The boy and the daughter are attracted to one another which the older man stops. The trip continues.
Anyway, I don’t remember much but there was shots of the Italian landscape.
The end of the film is tragic when the young man says this is the life for him and he his not going back to school. Suddenly, the car drives of the road and down a cliff.
This film was watched by me some time in the early 60’s probably shot sometime in the 50’s. (????)
To to the best of my memory it was named something like Lost Weekend, or something like that. Notable scene is the boy places a 45rpm record into a player, much like the current CD rigs…
That’s all I got

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