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A Very old cartoon about a big voyage on a riverboat

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I’m not sure if I can ask over here, but here goes. this is a very old cartoon. I saw as a child. It could be as old as a 50s era cartoon but it was in color. I remember a wealthier old man on a river boat was trying to catch and ruin an old man on his little old boat. there was a child coming along with the old guy helping him. these boats looked like very small yachts with big cylinder propellers on the back like the one in original mafia 1 game that was on the party ship.
I remember the old man and the child were running from the wealthy man the hole time. I think their boat got destroyed at a point and they had to run away with a train in a portion of the cartoon. then somehow I think they beat the wealthy man and took over his boat. happily ever after then. the old guy was a normal old sailor with white hair. can’t remember much else. thank you duly for the help.

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the steam-driven adventures of riverboat bill?

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Hello Again VHS. And Thanks again. You are a genius . have not watched it yet. but saw images on the internet. Surprised to see somebody knows the name. Can’t thank you enough. do you also know the name of old videogames?

Glad that seems like it was it. I do know some old videogames, but I can also search for a lot of answers. What memory of a game do you have and was it played on arcade cabinet, console, pc, or website?

Amazing. this one I remember most poorly. I guess since I don’t remember well it was a PS1 Game maybe very early PS2 but doubtful. It’s a racing game but not like formal and framed racing. It was a family friendly fun and very bright looking game maybe race around the world or something. and maybe around the years that vigilante 8 second force came out. Graphics weren’t great but it was not a 2D game or anything like that. I remember that you would race with lower tier cars and win to get better cars. a white classic car with a man in white suit as driver comes to mind with the best looking and most powerful car. there were different circuits and race types and maybe around 10 to 20 drivers and cars. 2 player matches were also available. the only memory from the circuits is long not very narrow beautiful roads and very fun and bright presentation.

I am working on finding the game, as it doesn’t ring a bell with me, but I am seeing quite a few possibilities. These are cars and not go-karts? It was real tracks and not like random city streets? The driver characters could be chosen?

no no they were cars. and I think every car had it’s specific driver. like that tom and jerry cartoon about a race around the world everyone had their own special car. I can’t remember the races but I think there were no other cars than racers and it wasn’t track shaped. they were more like countryside roads but in the format of a circuit the game was not fast paced and it did not have modern cars. think of crazy taxy and driver 1. something like those eras cars. but a little bit cartoony. my memory is very blurry on this one unfortunately. I think the game was more purposed towards kids rather than grownups.