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A summer movie with lots of teenagers and beach scenes

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Drama, circa 90s or in 2000-2010. The actors are probably unknown/unrecognizable. Movie is full of young children as well as teenagers of the age 12-14. The characters always wear beach clothing, bikinis etc. They all look tan. Everyone is happy in this movie. A lot of playfulness among the characters. DEFINETELY not a comedy genre like Wimpy kid. its a moodier film, Indie probably.

Three scenes come to mind:
Scene 1 where a group of teens play truth or dare and one of the dare is to get this guy kiss another guy “on the mouth”. The lead actress, a girl about 12-14 years old, is the one who sets this dare. They do it and back off in disgust.
Scene 2 where two teens, boy and an older girl, maybe siblings have a “who can hold their breath longer in the swimming pool” game.
Scene 3 where the lead teen girl I mentioned also has a father who lifts her up in his arms and playfully twirls her, she is laughing along.

I have been searching for this movie since 2017! please help this girl out!

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Apr 24, 2022

is there surfing in the movie?