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I think I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t find out the title of this series of short films I’ve watched a couple years back and I can’t think of anyone better to ask about it than you guys.
The series was foreign language, iirc the original language was either Italian or German and I watched it with English subtitles; it was definitely filmed way back, maybe the 90s or 80s and had around 10 episodes. All of the episodes were centered mysterious stories, narrated by a man, and I can remember 3 of them in varying detail: One that told the story of a shipwreck survivor who was attacked by a sea monster; another one, perhaps the most interesting, was about a guy who travelled to a desert area somewhere in America and stayed at a native American guy’s place who later guided him out to the mountains and then the cameraman witnessed him teleporting; then a 3rd episode I can remember only barely was about a guy working in a factory who had hidden cameras in his apartment and did something wrong that was recorded by the camera but I can’t remember what…
I could have sworn the name of the series had something to do with “Vault”, “Archive” or something like that but I’ve had no luck looking for any of those keywords.
Is there any chance you guys could help me out with an ID of whatever this series could have been? You will have my everlasting gratitude and maybe a beer 🙂
Best regards

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Aug 1, 2022

are you sure these are all foreign short films and not an american anthology mystery tv series?