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A post-apocalyptic movie with lots of orange…


I saw the very beginning of a movie late night on Syfy Channel back in the late-90s, early-00s (but the movie was older than that). It showed people driving in a post-apocalyptic desert world and everything was very orange. The air quality was so bad that the guy who was driving had to use tubes in his nose to breathe. That’s literally all I remember. I fell asleep right away and these images have haunted me ever since. Please can someone help me find this movie?

EvanPurcell Posted new comment May 19, 2022

I found someone else looking for this title too, and they stated that the device is removed inside, but always put in before they go back outside……if that helps anyone locate it.

Hardware (1990) is somewhat similar.

It’s not Hardware (though for a long time, I thought it was, until I saw it).

And VHS_Lives, do you know the name of the thread for that other post? it sounds like the same movie.