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A policewoman investigates her father’s murder

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I watched this movie a couple of months back. It’s in color and anywhere between 1990-2018. It’s set in America, in winter time. A policewoman’s father gets killed by mistake by 2 junkies who lost a note with the address of their victim and got the name of the town wrong. They were looking for something at his place, and possibly torched him, but haven’t found it. While investigating the murder, she also searchers through his house and I think she finds a book with comics or something and discovers that he was a well-known comics writer in his younger years. 

I recall at one stage the 2 junkies have an argument and one of them, together with his girlfriend, kills the other by dropping an aircon on him from their window.

It’s a bit Fargo-like.

I hope you can help me as I’m out of my mind trying to remember the name!

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This is Season 3 of the TV series “Fargo”:

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
“One of the victims is an old man with a mysterious past whose stepdaughter, Gloria Burgle (Carrie Coon), is a policewoman.”

I am pretty sure that this is the movie you are looking for. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer, there is an option for that.

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