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a part of a bone from an older time is reconstructed into a woman in a land with flying cards

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later i remember she realizes something and goes out for revenge to a place (i think hospital). she goes in wearing an outfit in white and is asked to step on a platform to be scanned. she is scanned and is revealed to have a load of guns. she shoots everybody in the room. she steps into a hallway and starts shooting other people and her outfit becomes doused in red. im not sure its the same movie as the title says but help

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The Fifth Element,? That 1997 science fiction film is about a good alien that comes to earth to protect it from destruction by an evil alien force. The good alien’s ship is blown up. Scientists find only the alien’s hand in the wreckage. They use the DNA from that hand to reconstruct the alien — a beautiful read headed woman. The Earth city of the future has many flying cars. When she escapes from the lab, she jumps into a flying taxi driven by the film’s star, Bruce Willis. These elements from your question (woman reconstructed from a bone + flying cars) seem to match The Fifth Element.

But I don’t remember a scene where she is scanned and revealed to be carrying guns. And I don’t remember a scene where she shoots anyone. Bruce Willis does shoot many people in the movie. Maybe you are remembering scenes from two different movies?

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