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A Novel author tried to write about a haunted house

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Hi guys, I wonder if any of you had watched/remembered this movie, I watched this once but forgot the title and the actors. The plot is about a novel author that stayed into a haunted house upon being suggested by his fellow author, senior author. He tried to write about the house but end up writing story about his horror experience in that house. After a series of terror, he eventually died. The fellow author who once suggested him to go to the house took the finished manuscript and claim the credit. The book then became phenomenal, in the end, the fellow author got invited in a talk show and brag about his newest book and about using different perspective rather than what he usually did, which is the POV. He always used the third-person but in this book he used first-person instead (because it came from the personal experience of the original author).
I had tried googling and IMDb-ing, but I didn’t find the satisfying answer. I really hope you guys can help, because I want to rewatch it.

Wisnu Anggoro Asked question May 3, 2021