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A movie seen during my childhood


I have been desperately looking for a movie that I saw in the 80’s on TV.
It’s a man going to an appointment and he can not find where it is in the building, he ends up on the last floor. He enters a door and the door locks him there for many days.
He finds himself in this appartment where everything is screwed, the table on the floor, the lamp on the table so he can not take any thing in his hand to break the door. There is floor to ceiling window but no one notices him although he shouts. He e is too high as opposed to the people he can see.
Each morning, there will be something new in the apartment without him understanding how, the last day it is a dead body wit a knife that he can finally get in his hand.
What stayed with me until today is how this man gets slowly but surely crazier everyday.

I am unsure if it is a movie, it could also be coming from a series but not Twulight Zone.