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A movie probably about an assassin

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I am trying to find a movie i watched as a kid. It was probably a 90s or 2000s movie and i only remember a few stuff.
There was a killer or assassin with a big pistol probably a semi auto. He was holding it with one hand and rested the barrel on his other arm while aiming to fire. I think he shot a woman in one scene and i think the woman was wearing a wig. My memory is very blurry so some details may be mistaken. Anyone knows th movie?

makis Posted new comment Jul 3, 2021

Can Assassins (1995) be ruled out?

@farcry i believe it is not the one but thanks for the reply anyway.

Is it a western movie ?
Do you remember some of the cast ?
Maybe it can be Doberman ?

@John Doe I don’t remember any of the cast and I’m almost sure it was not a western and it was not Doberman, even though it kinda looks like the description I made.