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A movie like Heidi (1973) but more Tragic


Hey, I’m looking for a movie I watched but I can’t remember the name. The plot was similar to 1973’s Heidi with Shirley Temple, except the ending was quite tragic. The few details I remember are an old grumpy man who isolates himself from his community in the woods has his daughter dropped off on him. They eventually bond and the girl convinces the man to befriend the townsfolk and his woodland neighbours. There is a man living close by that is mute and hostile, he has booby traps around his camp. One night as the old man is showering a lady who works at the local store happens upon him, he later apologizes. The girl and the old man get separated somehow and she ends up in the camp of the hostile mute. He allows her to stay but she accidentally activates one of his booby traps which he takes some damage from trying to save her. She runs off for help and dies to another booby trap. If someone knows what movie this is I would be ever so grateful, those are the only details I know, NO Actors, NO release date. Please help me.

Werehunter312 Asked question Jun 19, 2021