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A movie in which a real person becomes a cartoon person

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A childhood horror suddenly came to my mind so I registered here and ask. Googling doesn’t work at all.

I watched the first half of the movie when I was around 7 back in 1997 with my mom, didn’t dare to watch until the end.

It’s a real world movie(instead of cartoon) where the main character is a male artist(or similar occupations). The movie probably happened in European or US. In the middle, MC’s hands became cartoon hands, it’s almost like an infection that the cartoon part slowly grows and grows, eventually two hands became cartoon and was out of control and flew around and MC was chasing them. According to the synopsis he eventually became a cartoon person but I was too scared to watch until the end.

Thank you for the help 🙂

Khennigar Answered question Jun 7, 2022

It’s most likely not it but it reminds me of Le Passage (1986).


Cool World with Brad Pitt?

Khennigar Answered question Jun 7, 2022