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A movie i watched a few years ago but i forgot its name

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It’s a movie about a kid who gets sent to a new school and its a really fancy school i think his mother won a free voucher for her son to attend there, i dont remember much about the movie but i remember there was monster(s)and i think there was a party scene where the monster(s) attack the upper class men thats all i really remember though oh wait there was a school divide with 4 different groups, the jocks the nerds the fancy ones and the losers, the main character was in the losers group Edit: i think it was on netflix. the teenagers are in no way magic, they use guns and weapons as their way to kill these monsters. also i think there was something about a suicide in the bathroom

VampiricButterfly Posted new comment Aug 25, 2021

Except for the mother winning the voucher it sounds like a Harry Potter movie.

And the addition of guns, which don’t really feature in Harry Potter.