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A movie between 1995 – 2005

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Hey i searching so long for the movie the images are in my head>


I think it is a drama/horror teenage movie. What i can remember is you have a blond actress with little bit curly hair, her boyfriend, her girlfriend, and de girlfriend boyfriend. The scene what i can remember is they going to a satanic/occult party. After the blond actress kissing outside here boyfriend i thaught in the rain or maybe not. Then all four going in to the car the girlfriend of the blond actress kissing her boyfriend and the blond actress see this and get mad on her boyfriend. I thaught the blonde wear a leather jacket and i thaught. is was raining.

I think the movie was in this era 1995 – 2005. The actress are not so famous because i cant find them on internet. It was a good movie with young actors and actress hopefully you know the title thank you!! I think it was a horror or drama movie

Cinemalover Edited comment Jun 17, 2020

No:( The girl has little curl hair. Her girlfriend kissing in the car with her boyfriend and the little curl girl see that it is raining on that scene. Before that happen they go the a club/party were you see satan or occult thing. After that she see her girlfriend kissing with here boyfriend in the car