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A movie about a man who become obsessed with a woman

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It is a bit blurry to me but I would really like to rewatch the movie I have watched in the late 90es, beginning of 2000 on TV. It was definitely before 2002.
It is about a woman who is some kind of criminal or a hitman and a man who is following her around ( he as well might be a cop – but I just might make this us ). He becomes obsessed with her. I think that the woman doesn’t even know that he is following her around.
There is a scene where they stayed in the same hotel. She is in the bathtub and he is in the room next to hers and touching the wall that devices them.
I also remember some weird quote from the movie – something about her being a Pisces in the horoscope and they always have to move…
It is an English speaking movie and in colour ( maybe from 90es but not sure )

anaana Asked question Nov 19, 2020