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A movie about a journalist that reaches an hotel where people are cloned?


So what I remember about the movie is that it is likely from the 80s or 70s, small chance of it being of the 90s or 60s, but that’s it.

The movie itself tells the story of a journalist that comes to a hotel, where very important people are being hosted. Without their knowledge, they are being cloned, and this is all under the directions of the hotel’s manager. In the end, he is able to free everyone or tell the truth or something of the sort, yet he suddenly is not sure if he himself is the true self or he is his own clone.

I tried searching online and in, yet no to no avail.

Maybe someone remembers a movie of this sort?

It is possible that I got some of the details not accurate, so if something matches 80% of what I said, it might be it, it can also be good.

Thanks in advance!

Stonebroke Answered question Jun 18, 2021