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A movie about a group of people who get lost in the woods which based on real events


I watched this movie around 2012-2013. It’s a movie about a group of people who got lost in the woods. The highlights which i remembered:
1) In the forest they were killed one by one and the last two or three characters at the end of the film in the hovel met a man who tried to kill them (maybe even eat them) who previously was also got lost and trapped in the forest many years ago
2) among all the characters only one woman survived
3) the ending of the film was on the edge of the cliff and a woman (if i’m not mistaken) even killed that man, or just managed to go to the other side of the cliff and escape
4) in the titles there was written that the movie was based on a true events when a real group of people got lost and that before them in the woods got lost a boy or a man (who in the film tried to kill them all)

Kate3345 Asked question May 14, 2022