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A movie about a group of crazy children

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So I’ve been trying to find the name of a horror movie I watched in the late 2000’s/ early 2010’s. But I haven’t found anything which is bothering me lol so I really hope someone here remembers it as well and it’s not a crazy fever dream I had. I remember this movie took place in the winter time and a group of parents with their children were staying together in a cabin in the forest for Christmas (I assume). Most of the kids were younger than 18. There was a pregnant teenage girl there who snuck out at night to go to a party I think. And this girl had a tattoo which the younger kids touched then they started vomiting and going crazy and I think they attacked the parents. It sounds so weird lmao. And I also remember a blond mom coming up to her son who I was had curly hair sitting on some monkey bars and the mom was wearing heels and tried to climb the bars to get her son down but slipped and her leg snapped backwards. I don’t think it was children of the corn because the setting seemed modern ish and there was no field (that I can remember). And that’s all I remember so please respond if you also remember this movie and know the name lol, thanks!

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jun 1, 2020