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A man in a love triangle marries for money


– English
– It may have either been VHS or DVD
– The main cast is all of European descent
– A man marries a woman for her money.
– He later finds a (younger?) woman whom he loves
– The man may have been brunet, wife may have been blonde, and the other woman brunette

The main three distinguishing characteristics of it I can name are the below…

1. The two women speak at some point, with the other woman stating she liked the man enough she would be willing to share him, and/or accept just having a part of him. The exact words elude me. The wife responded, to the effect of, that was the difference between the two of them, that she would never accept such an arrangement: it was all or nothing.

2. I am most uncertain of this plot detail, but at some point bull fighting or something related to it was involved, toward the end of the film. The other woman was wearing a rather ornate bit of red clothing during the last section of the film.

3. It ends with the wife been in bad shape physically (harmed by a bull or some other animal?), and the man choosing her over the other woman.

Any possible suggestions would be appreciated.

NoiramSang Asked question Dec 21, 2021