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a late 80s/early 90s film of time dimensions involved

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I cant remember the other parts of the movie…um,the only scene I can remember well is the part where a couple of police officers in the 80s style car are chasing someone(stars of the film) and the end up going through a portal of time traveling portal to the desert and then these soldiers from the past in medieval garment with swords and axes etc…start attacking the police car after it flies thought this portal and hits desert dunes with the weeds from the desert and it is nighttime with the blue and red lights flashing while they are in the car recovering from the crash and the soldiers of medieval age attack it….

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jan 5, 2022

This feels findable but it didn’t come up for me.
If you won’t get an answer I suggest you ask it here too:

this is a super odd one, because the scene rings a bell with me, but I just cannot place it. The one I recall was like something got plucked from one time and it pulled the car to that place, like a swap. or it could be like the timeline has gone crazy and stuff just ends up everywhere….