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A Hospital or so


So, I remember watching this movie when I was a kid, even though it’s violent. It was near the year 2007, so I’m pretty sure it was released before it.

I remember just two parts: a man, who is a doctor, calls during the night to a couple the he knows. The woman of the couple is pregnant and she was going to have the baby in the next day. The man warns she not to go to the hospital in the next day, he doesn’t tell her why, but is because he knows someone is going to make a massacre in the hospital and he ends the phone call saying something like “Don1t go to the hospital tomorrow, just don’t go.”
The other part is in the next day, when the man who made the call goes to this same hospital to see how the things have gone. When he enters, a pacient comes to him saying “Doctor, I’m not feeling well” or something like that, then he opens that surgery cape he is using and it’s all bloody and with cuts.

That’s all I remember, I really want to watch this movie beacuse it was very scary to me when I was a kid, but now I want to know what the story is about.
Appreciate if someone can help me.

Leonardo Nascimento Asked question Aug 10, 2020