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A horror move that has the word “Asylum” in it, I think

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I think its a movie that went straight to video from the late 90s- early 2000s. I think it might’ve had the word “Asylum” in the title. It was a horror movie me and mom are trying to remember the name of. It might be part of a collection of short films or just a short film in general. Any ways….. From what we remember it takes place in a Asylum and there is several women in some kind of competition to win money. The first victim is a girl who starts crying in front of some doors and one of the “demons” rises behinds her and kills her. Theres a scene where 2 girls are running from the demons, they run down the stairs but one of them falls and breaks her back. I think she prayed to Satan or just believed in him so the demons leave her alone while they eat the other girl. I think towards the end theres 2 girls left and they are trying to escape from the building. One has a Axe and swings at random old guy that appears out of nowhere or I think he showed up by jumping down from a ventilation shaft and I think he was trying to help them but dies while pointing up to the shaft and the girls can’t reach it. I think every one dies at the end except the girl who broke her neck and is just watching the other girl being eaten by the demons. I don’t think they showed what the demons look like but they are wearing black robes and have their faces covered or blacked out. Those are the bits and pieces I can remember. It might be a pointless detail but we rented it from a Hollywood Video so I don’t know if maybe Hollywood Video had their own exclusive straight to video horror movies.

PrimalNut Asked question Feb 12, 2022